Advocacy and Awareness through Media

National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) has taken various steps for awareness raising on laws and continuously run advocacy and information campaigns through electronic, print and social media;  

a). Electronic Media:

NCSW ran short public awareness messages on TV spots on the four crimes namely, acid crime law, child marriages, and harassment against women at workplace and rape, which were telecasted by PTV. Besides, the Chairperson of the Commission regularly attended other relevant programs as a guest speaker.

To reach out to a larger public, especially women inside households, NCSW designed a radio programme titled “Mera haq aaj nahi tau kab” which was launched in April, 2019 and currently on-going every week. It sought to create awareness on legal and citizenship rights, importance of political participation and of economic rights and opportunities.

b). Print Media:

NCSW ran nationwide media campaign on print media to create awareness about pro-women laws on various occasions. These campaigns highlighted key information on official helplines across the country, acid crime law, underage marriage, harassment against women at workplace and anti-rape. 

Other than that, the Commission has produced posters, banners for the campaigns besides seminars and conferences in major cities. Awareness material on code of conduct of Harassment at Workplace Act, 2010 related to International campaign on “16-days of activism” from 25th Nov, 2020 till 10th Dec, 2020. The material was circulated to various ministries/ divisions, departments, educational institutes and private organizations. The Commission has received positive response from several ministries/ divisions and departments.

c). Social Media:

NCSW actively makes the use of Social Media platform for women awareness raising activities. The Commission continuously works on creating women centric content which is easy to understand for the larger public and ensures that it reaches the target audience. The Commission has made short clips which are regularly posted on this social media platform. One of the major campaign in 2017/18 marked with its hashtag #Pledge4Action. People in all activities were asked to show their thoughts with this hash tag to create a noise. As per the social media in sites, our hashtag got 0.5 million impressions on Twitter; on Facebook this hashtag was used by many influencers and had more than one million outreach.

Recently, NCSW ran a campaign in collaboration with Care International on safer work places for women and Harassment at Work Place Act, 2010.